sams autotech
sams autotech sams autotech sams autotech
sams autotech

Evaporative Emission Tester
Test your engine for all types of leaks! Or find out why your car is smoking.

EVR Test
This machine is used for testing alternators, batteries & starters. It gives you a printout of the results so that you know exactly where the problem is occurring.

Modis Electric Diagnostic
The Electronic Pulse Test gives you a complete print out of your car’s electronic’s system.

Air Conditioning Tester
Finds leaks in air conditioning on all makes & models. Good for Euro, Foreign or domestic cars.

Snap on Coolant Machine
Get a coolant transfusion! This machine will extract your old coolant and pump your car full of new, clean coolant to keep it humming along.

Chrysler Factory Diagnostic Scanner

Mercedes Factory Diagnostic Scanner

European Factory Diagnostic Scanner

New Key Programmer

Fuel Injection Flush (original deal chemical)

New Chrysler & Dodge (2006 & up) Factory Diagnostic Scanner & Programmer

Ford Integrated Diagnostic Software

Ford Integrated Diagnostic Scanner

Honda Integrated Diagnostic Scanner & Software

Tech Two GM Original Diagnostic Scanner

sams autotech
sams autotech
sams autotech